It’s the day before your flight and you are double checking your lists of things to pack, making sure you have all the essentials, perfect outfits for any occasion, phone charger and maybe a book to keep you company during the flight. Amid all the chaos we tend to forget about how our immune systems are compromised during travel.

First, you are going to encounter a lot of strangers. Once boarded on the plane, you are sitting very close to these strangers in an extremely dry space, making it easy to spread bacteria or whatever sickness is currently going around. Not to mention, the change in climate from one place to the next, altitude changes and more all will affect your immune system.

Immune System on a Plane

So, how can you stay healthy?

There are 3 very important things that are likely to fit in your personal item that can easily keep you feeling energized and well throughout your trip!

1. Water Bottle

Bring a reusable water bottle. Hydration is key in your day-to-day and even more important while you are traveling. Bringing your own bottle means you will be able to refill it whenever you need, and it most likely holds more water than the free cup of water that they provide during your flight. Also, if you have powdered supplements, a reusable water bottle is great to have on hand to mix them with water. 

2. Powdered Magnesium

Magnesium is a power mineral. Before your flight it can help you relax as well as keep energy and blood sugar levels stable. During your flight it can help prevent headaches and muscle spasms that you may get when sitting for extended periods of time. After you land Magnesium can help with healthy sleep patterns if you are feeling jet lagged. In addition, it can help keep your digestion system regular if you experience travel related irregularity. A powdered form of Magnesium, such as Magnesium 365, is recommended during travel because you can easily bring it on the plane, and you can add it to water while you are out and about!

3. Powdered Greens and Probiotics 

Probiotics are important during your vacation for gut health. They will aid in healthy digestion, balance intestinal flora and support immune function in your body. We tend to eat differently when we are out of town and giving your digestive system a boost will allow you to enjoy all your meals throughout your trip! Additionally, powdered greens mixed with water are a great substitute for splurging on that second round of caffeine. They will provide you with healthy, sustained energy throughout the day and will help you avoid a sugar crash.

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