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Liposomal Delivery

liposomal delivery
Liposomal Delivery Infographic

Understanding Liposomal Delivery

Constantly, we are bombarded with new information about the latest and greatest technology that can make our lives easier. If you have been keeping up, you have heard of the liposomal delivery system. Read on to make sense of why liposomal delivery is important to you:

1.    Liposome: [Li-po-some]

The dictionary definition of a liposome is ‘an artificial vesicle composed of one or more concentric phospholipid bilayers and used especially to deliver microscopic substances to body cells.’ To repeat the second part of that sentence, ‘Liposomes primary function is to deliver microscopic substances to body cells’. In this case we are discussing the delivery of a nutrient to cells in our body.

2.    Nutrient: [Nu-tri-ent]

A nutrient is a ‘a substance that provides nourishment essential for growth and the maintenance of life.’ The nutrient inside the liposome pictured above is the vitamin, mineral or coenzyme that you take to improve your quality of life. When taking any supplemental product, it is likely important to you that you receive the full benefit of taking it every day. Otherwise, what is the point? That is why the delivery system used to get the nutrients into your body is just as important as the supplement you are taking. Liposomal delivery is unique because of the phospholipid bilayers, or the hydrophilic head and hydrophobic tail pictured above and explained below.

3.    Hydrophilic Head: [Hy-dro-phil-ic]

Hydrophilic means that it easily interacts with water or other water-like substances. This ultimately makes the nutrient highly absorbable once it gets to the right place.

4.    Hydrophobic Tail: [Hy-dro-pho-bic] 

Hydrophobic is the opposite of hydrophilic, it resists water and water-like substances. This keeps the nutrient protected and ensures that it does not attach to anything it shouldn’t.

Together the hydrophilic head and hydrophobic tail work to find the right cell to dissolve into, transferring the nutrient to its final destination. This delivery system increases bioavailability of the nutrient in your body. It also decreases the chance of excreting nutrients you are supplementing on a regular basis. Overall, it proves to be a very effective way to get minerals, vitamins and coenzymes where they need to go in your body safely.

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