Could CBD be the solution to stress in 2019?

Let’s go back- way back – to when the only task humans really had was to survive. Our most natural instincts took priority: sleep, stay safe, procreate, eat, and don’t get eaten. Our stressors were based purely on our immediate, external environment. We worried about feeding our offspring, finding a fresh source of water, keeping our caves dry, and possibly avoiding saber toothed tigers.

Flash forward: 130,000 years later, the bizarre and unpredictable year of 2019 has us all buzzing with anxiety unrelated to becoming prey. Our population has exploded into unimaginable proportions. Humans have developed vastly intricate cultural, social, and political systems that differ wildly across the globe. The internet has essentially created a whole new plane of existence for people to share information. And we all carry a high speed, mini computer in our pocket.

But, what about us? We’re still the same humans, reacting the same old ways.

Predators? You Mean Work Deadlines?

When our bodies feel extreme stress they enter fight or flight mode, and knowing the difference between a physical or mental threat is irrelevant. The only thing the “acute stress response” is responsible for is getting us out of a situation alive.

This means hormones are immediately released from our adrenal glands in order to stimulate adrenaline production, which increases our blood pressure, quickens our heart rate, and tenses our muscles. This prepares us to either flee the scene quickly,or primes us for battle.

Fight or flight has been a huge proponent to our survival as a species, but in 2019, it is triggered both too often and at inappropriate times.

For example, the response occurs when “danger” is near – the source of the stress doesn’t matter. It could be mental stress (a perceived threat), or a physically life threatening situation. Either will cause the response to happen. Worse, our fight or flight mode is always being triggered by constant stress, sometimes without ever turning off. This has long term effects on our health and well being, causing symptoms as benign as digestion problems and severe as high blood pressure or anxiety.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential to treat our stress in the same way that we’d treat any other traumatic issue – with urgency and gravitas. 

Finding Peace in a Chaotic World

Lucky for us, there’s an emerging pressure on the wellness industry to find ways we can manage stress that don’t involve potentially side-effect-laden pharmaceuticals or life altering demands. In today’s world, there’s a slim chance of escaping the persuasion to succeed, the overload of information available on the internet, or the botched personal interactions that occur within social media platforms.

Instead, we can find peace by altering our habits and environments to control what we expose ourselves to and what we choose to care about.

For modern women, there seem to be endless obstacles that hinder our ability to build healthy coping mechanisms for stress. Commitment in the midst of uncertain futures, cost in an unstable economy, finding time with numerous responsibilities, and access to knowledge are just a few.

There are a few stress-busting practices, however, that are either free or reasonably priced – and only take a few minutes a day to be effective.

stress relief and cbd in the modern world

We’ve all had this one drilled into our heads, but the proof is in the pudding; exercise is an incredibly effective form of stress relief, while also boasting benefits like increased energy levels and boosted moods. It doesn’t take much to see results. Just 30 minutes a day 2-4 days a week is plenty (yoga also provides additional calming benefits).


Taking 10-15 minutes a day to pause and engage in breathing exercises can reduce stress levels [1] significantly. As a matter of fact, controlling our breathing is one of the few ways to actually stop flight or fight response in its tracks. These days, there are even multiple apps that offer guided meditations for free.

Get Outside.
Weird, right? The outdoors has a scientifically proven calming effect [2] on humans, offering perspective about our place in the world and what exactly is worth stressing over. Living in a city? Just sitting in a park for thirty minutes a day offers the same effects.

But what about when all of those aren’t enough?

CBD: A Natural, Daily Solution to Modern Stress

cbd daily for stress management for women

Understandably, sometimes even the wondrous benefits of meditation and exercise are unable to cut through the dense tension of stress that permeates our daily lives – and that’s ok! Even the best of us can use a little extra help. Fortunately for us, there is an affordable, natural and legal remedy for stress relief rising in popularity for daily use – CBD.

The word “CBD” may elicit a sense of controversy at first, but we’ve finally seen a shift in universal public support and acceptance for this miraculously therapeutic, naturally derived by product.

This non-intoxicating derivative of the hemp plant has been known to reduce pain and inflammation in the body, as well as aid in mental ailments both minor and severe. Scientific studies [3] have even suggesting using CBD to potentially address post-traumatic stress disorder, ocd, and social anxiety disorders.

But that’s the thing – even though CBD is effective enough to treat serious anxiety disorders, its lack of side effects and gentle subtly make it safe for daily use, either routinely or as needed.

In fact, more-and-more scientists, healthcare practitioners, health enthusiasts, beauty experts, entrepreneurs and more believe that one day the oil will be an integral part of most women’s wellness routine.

A growing body of research shows that CBD has a ton of potential health benefits. From antioxidant properties to promoting cardiovascular health, from reducing stress and anxiety to improving sleep quality, from helping to balance blood sugar to reducing physical pain and inflammation, and so much more, CBD’s physical and mental health benefits are providing a natural alternative that is being embraced by the main stream public.

In an ideal world, our stress would be simple; we’d only worry about worthy pursuits, and the flight or fight response would only be used when an actual danger presented itself.

But in a modern world, sometimes modern solutions are necessary. Perhaps we can all take solace in knowing that even today’s most contemporary treatments for stress, like CBD, return us to our roots; a simpler time, when nature was our medicine.

And we can all be grateful that we no longer have to survive. And that means something magical, too; we can finally thrive.

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