Hello Spring, it’s that time of year again where you walk outside and the air is smelling better, the leaves are coming back, flowers are sprouting, bees are buzzing. Everything is coming back to life. You might be making plans for a local weekend getaway, finding your favorite outdoor spot, or even doing some spring cleaning. No matter what, we (hopefully!) are feeling rejuvenated, energized and fresh! That is, unless you are one of many who also must welcome back spring allergies with the new season.

Allergies, Spring

More than 50 million Americans are affected by allergies each year. Around the world, up to 40-50% of school age children are becoming more sensitive to general allergies. Allergies are essentially an overdramatic response in the body to common substances. Most commonly, people are sensitive to pollen, dust, or mold – all of which is more aggressive in the springtime. Your body increases histamine production when encountering these things because it is mistaking them for substances that would be harmful to the body. Increased histamine levels can show up as a runny nose, cough, or sneezing, otherwise known as allergies.

We have seen correlations between certain mineral levels and allergies in both children and adults alike. Deficiencies in zinc and selenium could mean that you are susceptible to allergies at the turn of the seasons. Selenium and zinc play a vital role in hindering the production of free radicals in your body. Free radicals are known to damage cells in the body. Damaged cells can weaken the immune system response, potentially leading to allergies.

Deficiencies in both selenium and zinc are common across the globe due to soil depletion. A deficiency can also happen if you suffer from digestive issues like leaky gut syndrome, where your body is not absorbing all the minerals that you consume in your diet and supplement program.

Taking a daily multivitamin can be helpful to restore or maintain mineral levels. Make sure you are taking supplements of high quality and your daily multi includes important minerals, enzymes and amino acids as well as vitamins! Magnesium can help alleviate allergy symptoms providing relief on constricted airways. Staying hydrated is also a great way to limit histamine production.

If you think you or your child have a mineral deficiency leading to allergies, you can take a mineral hair analysis test to determine mineral levels and ratios to get some answers!

Spring is beautiful, but it has the potential to be so much better if we aren’t sneezing and coughing our way through it!

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