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Calcium Magnesium Ratio: Tom & Jerry Minerals

What did Calcium do when Magnesium knocked on his door? Vitamin! Today we are looking at how calcium and magnesium work together to maintain body health. What Is Calcium? Calcium is a major mineral. This mineral is often referenced in conjunction with bone health. But...

What Is Zinc? Tiny But Mighty

Is it true that some of the most substantive minerals in our bodies function on the smallest doses? Well…YES! The amount needed does not reflect importance. Trace minerals support wellness. The second most abundant trace mineral—Zinc—shows their vitality.  What Is...

Graceful Aging On Your Time

Comparison is offered on a greater scale than ever before—courtesy of the internet. With broadened exposure, people feel inclined to slow the aging process. Graceful aging is a natural process that ought to be embraced. However, most do not want to age prematurely—the...

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