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Where it started – the Zemvelo story

Neil Butterfield is the owner and founder of Mineralife Nutraceuticals LLC in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and from an early age showed an interest in health and fitness. He’s been an amateur bodybuilder, a personal trainer, and also started a Weight Loss consulting and dietary supplement mail order business where he helped people achieve their fitness goals.

In 2001, Neil spent time in the United States and was shocked at the amount of nutritionally deficient, chemically processed food consumed by Americans every day. He became passionate about helping people recover their health after meeting the owner of a natural health clinic in Louisiana. Using the power of liquid ionic minerals, he witnessed the clinic help hundreds of people looking for solutions to often very chronic health conditions.

Neil was amazed at the transformations people experienced through the use of natural remedies and minerals that could be absorbed and utilized by the body. He began studies in Nutritional Therapy at Thames Valley University in London, England and later extensively studied the importance of minerals to human health under Dr. Lawrence Wilson at Westbrook University. His goal was to reach thousands of people by creating high-quality nutritional products that were highly absorbable and therefore better used by the body.

In 2008, after discovering a process that allows minerals to be better absorbed into the body, he opened Mineralife Nutraceuticals LLC and began selling liquid ionic mineral supplements.

Neil eventually discovered a multi-patented ingredient that greatly enhanced the absorption of nutrients and minerals. He partnered with a company in South Africa to bring to the US the amazing benefits of CHD-FA (Fulvic Acid), which has benefits that extend way beyond absorption.

Today, all liquid Zemvelo (formally Mineralife Nutraceuticals) products are complexed with CHD-FA (Fulvic Acid) because of its unique ability to enhance the usability of its products.

As Neil always says, “It’s not what you take, it’s what you absorb that’s important!”

In 2018, Neil continued to grow Mineralife Nutraceuticals, expanding our consumer product line to include Immune System Support Capsules. In 2023, Mineralife begins the journey to add Soft Gel supplements to the product line. Moving forward, he will continue to grow, offering more solutions to customers in forms they can absorb.

Neil resides in Colorado Springs, CO with his beautiful wife Kristy, their daughter Makenzie, their son Ethan, and their two dogs. He has been featured as a guest on radio shows across the United States and is widely considered an expert in the health and wellness field by medical professionals across America and abroad.