Immune health has been and will likely remain a hot topic in our world today. While we do not treat, diagnose, or cure anything here at Zemvelo, we can share our customers’ experiences with our immune system support supplements.

Learn More About Our Immune Supplements

These immune system supplements include liquid immune-boosting minerals enhanced with CHD-FA Fulvic acid, liposomal vitamins, easy-to-take softgels and/or capsules, and more. Use them when you feel the need for mineral supplements for the immune system or an immune booster.

When it comes to immune system boosting minerals, we want to make sure that we offer plenty of options to fit your lifestyle. Never hesitate to reach out to us directly if you have any questions about our immune products. In the meantime, hear what our customers have to say:

On ActivFulvic:

Tamara - May 1, 2020
"Amazing booster for vitamins and detox! I have been using activfulvic for several years. It’s great for better absorption of vitamins in food and supplements. It also contains essential nutrients that are vital for optimal health. It’s amazing for brain fog, digestive issues, and daily energy balance. Do the research on the health benefits of fulvic acid. Taking this supplement consistently will allow major systems of your body to operate at peak condition. Mineralife offers a top-quality, concentrated product that consistently works. Thank you!"

On Liquid Silver:

Lisa – December 5, 2015
"One of my friends has been taking Mineralife’s Silver and she’s telling everyone to take it. So here I am now, buying a bottle. It must be good if she says so!"

L A Peterson – April 20, 2020
"Will purchase again. Not much of an aftertaste. I will purchase it again."

On Liquid Zinc:

Christine M. – April 27, 2020
"Just what I needed… The taste is tough solo, I’ve been taking it with a small amount of juice each day. I’ve learned this essential trace element is an important part of the diet that I have been missing out on. The benefits are great that support my goal to age with my health intact!"

Mike L. – Amazon Verified Purchase – April 18, 2020
"One bottle is a 96 day supply and I only make my vitamin drink every other day so — well worth the price and very well made."

On Immune Booster Line

Jesse – October 20, 2018
"I decided to try this before an international trip. I almost always start feeling unwell when traveling on airplanes, no matter what I do, and I had two 40+ hour trips through multiple airports. I’m happy to say I made it overseas and back without my usual feelings of feeling unwell or other bug post trip! In addition, pills can be hard on my stomach if I don’t take them with a good food base. I didn’t experience any issues with taking the booster on an empty stomach."

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