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Do your bones and joints ache after a hard day’s work or a strenuous workout? Healthy bones support easy movement, help protect organs such as our lungs, brains, and hearts, and are storage sites for important minerals for the rest of our body to use when necessary. Healthy joints support our bones, making walking, jumping, swimming, hiking, or whatever other movements you like to take easier.

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As early as age 25, our bones & joints can begin to decline if we do not take care of them.

Physical activity is a great way to encourage bone & joint health. Walking, running, hiking, climbing are all great ways to maintain a healthy body inside and out. Avoiding smoking or excessive drinking is also a great way to promote the structural health of your body.

Today, it is expected that nearly 50% of Americans over the age of 50 will be at risk of bone-related issues.

It’s time to take control of our health in any way we can. Healthy eating, exercise, and habits are pieces to the puzzle of living a long, healthy life.

Joint health mineral supplements can be beneficial on your journey to longevity and wellness. Calcium and vitamin D are well-known minerals and vitamins to support our bones, but did you know they have important relationships with magnesium and vitamin K? We did, don’t worry.

A liposomal vitamin D+K supplement encourages calcium and vitamin D absorption (thank you vitamin K!). The liposomal delivery system is important to ensure the vitamins are getting into your cells correctly.

Magnesium and boron also are great minerals to pair with calcium for optimal health. Boron especially is one of our top-selling joint health minerals. Boron encourages both calcium and magnesium absorption and is well-known as a great joint health supplement for women’s health who are most susceptible to bone and joint concerns as they age.

Unless you are Benjamin Button, you are not getting any younger. But that’s okay! If you choose to take care of your body, inside and out, you can have a long, healthy life. Choosing the best joint supplement for you is made easy with our Mineral Hair Analysis Test, or by simply working with a trusted physician or nutritionist. Trust us when we say you don’t want to wait to start taking care of your body.

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