Why Zemvelo

A Natural Solution for Better Health

Neil Butterfield, the founder of Zemvelo, has always been passionate about helping others. After seeing the negative impact that a lack of food nutrition can have on people’s health, he set out to find ways of getting better nutrients into their diets. Zemvelo lives by “You are what you absorb” for a reason. Neil has dedicated the last 13 years in business to mastering the best delivery methods for mineral and vitamin supplements to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to thrive.

The Ultimate Bioavailability Solution

When it comes to supplements, the most important thing you can do is absorb what’s inside. That’s why all of Zemvelo’s products are formulated with ingredients that catalyze absorption so they deliver nutrients precisely where they need to be in our bodies. Having such high levels achievable through these methods alone makes us more than just an ordinary supplement company: we deliver hope for your health.

Quality You Can Trust

Our products are designed and controlled for the maximum health of our consumers. As such, we maintain strict quality standards throughout every step in their life cycle including ingredients from vetted suppliers who meet sustainable practices as well as a manufacturing process that exceeds cGMP guidelines. This ensures integrity with production processes.

Join the Zemvelo Family

We welcome wholesalers, nutritionists, practitioners, and more to join the Zemvelo family by selling our products at your storefront or inside your practice. You may choose to wholesale our product or maybe you would like your own label on your favorites! Either way, we are here for you, your customers, and clients alike on their journey to health. Enquire today with our Customer Service Specialist to learn more about this opportunity.

The Zemvelo Team

Our team is composed of individuals dedicated to the health and wellness of our global community. Our passions span from canyoneering, travel, and kayaking to dancing, bee-keeping, and working on passion projects at home. Every day we strive to be better personally, professionally, and otherwise. Please take a moment to get to know our team.

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