Zinc Is Known for Its Immune Support Qualities and Can Help with So Much More

Support Healthy Skin, Testosterone Production, and a Normal Inflammatory Response with Liquid Zinc

Nearly 20% of the world’s population is deficient in zinc. Zinc is mostly found in certain shellfish, beef, seeds, and tea. Threats to our food system globally include monoculture, feeding operations, and soil pollution. These deplete the quality of our food, thereby making our food less nutritious even if we think we are eating a healthy diet.

Zinc is an important mineral that heavily supports the body’s immune system and contributes to growth and development in young adults, and healthy skin and reproductive health in adults.


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Powerful Immune Boosting Mineral

Zinc is an essential trace element that your body needs in small quantities daily. It encourages overall health and wellbeing. It is commonly known as an effective immune system support mineral and is believed to encourage a normal inflammatory response in the body.

Take a stand for your family’s health by investing in a high-quality zinc supplement.


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Traceable Ingredients

How to Use Zinc

Mix half a teaspoon with water or your favorite juice and drink up! This supplement can be taken on its own if preferred.

Active Ingredients

Zinc is an important mineral that contributes to growth and development, healthy skin, reproductive health, and immune system health. CHD-FA Fulvic Acid enhances the body’s absorption and use of vitamins and minerals.

Zemvelo’s Zinc is mined in Idaho, Missouri, and/or Alaska, USA.

Form: Zinc Lactate

Found in: Oysters, herring, beef, lamb, beef/pork liver, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, maple syrup, tea

Production Plant: St. Louis, MO, USA.

Clinically tested professional grade CHD-Fulvic Acid has been added to Zemvelo Zinc liquid supplement to further increase absorption and enhance overall wellbeing as fulvic acid can naturally support the body’s immune, inflammatory, and detoxification response.

Zemvelo Zinc is:

  • All Natural – Prepared from a pure elemental source.
  • Concentrated – 7,200 PPM or 18mg of Zinc in 2.5ml (½ teaspoon) provides 164% of the recommended daily value for Zinc.
  • Excellent Value – 8 oz bottle provides a 96-day supply.

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  • Zinc is well known for its immune supporting qualities but it can help with so much more
  • Zinc may help young adults achieve clear skin
  • Zinc can support healthy testosterone production in adults, promoting a healthy libido response
  • Zinc promotes normal inflammatory response

Benefits Of Zinc

Provides Immune Support

Naturally supports immune system functions; the body’s natural defenses.

Assists Inflammatory Response

Antioxidant properties help neutralize free radicals and support a healthy inflammatory response in the body.

Supports Healthy Testosterone Level

A zinc deficiency has been linked with low testosterone production.

Beauty Booster

Supports the growth of hair and nails and promotes clear skin.

Healthy Libido

Why Take Ionic Liquid Zinc?

Zinc is an extremely important mineral supporting everything from immune health and sexual desire to clear skin and healthy brain function. Zinc is critical for the formation and activity of many enzymes and cells that play a role in the maintenance of a healthy immune system. Zinc supplements have been used in the medical world for centuries, but slowly lost traction as modern medicine was developed.

Zinc also aids in the proper assimilation of vitamins to help maintain body tissues. It is important in the synthesis of DNA and has been noted for its healing properties. Zinc creates a defense for your body from immune-compromising external factors. It can also provide nutritional support for healthy individuals recovering from surgery.

Additionally, zinc:

Supports a balanced mood.


Supports healthy metabolic function.


Can strengthen the senses of taste and smell.


Helps in dealing with the effects of toxin exposure.


Helps to support healthy immune and endocrine systems.


Supports healthy hair growth.


Helps neutralize body odor.


Can aid in skin irritation.


Helps neutralize breakouts.


Helps the prostate, liver, kidney, adrenal, and gastrointestinal health.


Supports immune health, healthy brain function, clear skin, healthy aging, and a healthy lifestyle.

Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency

Zinc deficiency is quite common, especially in people who do not eat enough foods that contain zinc. Further, those who have digestive disorders may have difficulty absorbing zinc from zinc-rich foods. While some foods contain ‘added zinc’, this type is not as easily absorbed into the body because it is bound to anti-nutrients that prevent absorption.

Deficiency may show up as slowed growth and development in young adults, or even acne-prone skin. In adults, it can manifest as a loss in sexual desire, taste, smell, and sometimes compromised vision. Occasionally you may experience a loss of appetite when battling a zinc deficiency.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

If you have any questions about adding Zemvelo Zinc to your daily routine, please contact a Dietary Supplement Specialist at (800) 303-1376 or customerservice@zemvelo.com!


Who is Zinc recommended for?

Zinc is known for its ability to support the immune system; however, it can help with a number of other body functions. It is also great for skin health, reproductive health, healthy inflammatory response and to combat zinc deficiency.

Can I take Zinc with my other supplements?

Yes, all our supplements can be taken together with or without water or juice. Please be sure that you check ingredients of other supplements (i.e., immune-boosting supplements) to avoid over-supplementation.

The liquid minerals taste unpleasant, how should I take them?

Many of our customers mix the minerals with water or juice to help with consumption. Citrus-based juices such as pineapple, lemon, lime, grapefruit, or orange juice go well with our liquid minerals.

If you have tried something that you love, please contact customerservice@zemvelo.com to let us know!

Are Zemvelo products safe for children to consume?

Yes, the products are suitable for children. The rule of thumb for Zemvelo use is a quarter dosage for toddlers to 5 years old, and half a dosage for kids aged 6-13.

The child can do the Mineral Hair Analysis Test to find out if there are deficiencies that should be addressed and that can further help you understand the right dosage. As always, you should consider consulting your physician.

I have heard that Zinc should be taken 2 hours apart from meals and other minerals because it competes with other minerals and hinders them. Is this correct?

While this is technically true and is certainly a strategy, it’s also true of almost every other mineral. Taking certain minerals separate from food is a strategy, but it is not an absolute rule. Many who do not follow this and take the zinc (or other minerals) along with food still show significant improvement in their deficiency symptoms. I would say try both methods and see if you can tell a difference for you and your metabolic system.

Can I take Zinc with or without food?

The Mineral Wheel

This is a graphical representation of mineral interactions. The wheel does not include all minerals, but it does give you an idea of the complexity of mineral interactions.

Our aim is to provide the body with minerals in a form that most closely resembles the form found in food, the form which the body best recognizes and can utilize.

The body’s affinity for different minerals, and nutrients in general, changes based on its needs. If you have a deficiency in, say, vitamin C, your body will aggressively absorb that nutrient from your food or supplement source. The same is true of minerals. In addition to your body’s current nutritional status, there are many other factors that influence how well your body absorbs what you feed it. Things like your metabolic rate and type, stress level, fitness level, exercise, and things like sugar and caffeine intake, all affect mineral absorption.


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