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President and Owner of Mineralife Nutraceuticals

Neil will always prefer to be outdoors. He loves backpacking and rock climbing. He strongly believes that everyone should go on at least one backpacking trip alone in their lifetime. Need tips? Just ask! There is a lot to be learned from spending a little alone time in nature. Canyoneering in Utah is at the top of his most recommended list — one of the most beautiful places to do it.

The love of the outdoors has been passed onto future generations through many camping trips around the beautiful state of Colorado. While the little ones might not be rock climbing or backpacking alone (yet!) they do love hiking and cookouts at the campground. Neil does a great job balancing his family and work life and continues to be a role model for his family and employees as he follows his dream to deliver hope. It is a busy life, but he carries it well.

Neil had a hard time picking his favorite Zemvelo products but landed on Magnesium, Zinc, and SilverMagnesium plays a huge role in our body’s optimal function so he makes sure that he takes it every day. Zinc deficiency is common today and something that he struggles with personally so that was a strong runner-up. Silver is Neil’s favorite and most recommended immune support supplement to all his friends and family.


Logistics Manager at Mineralife Nutraceuticals

JR is a busy bee! Since his daughter has grown up (too fast he would say!), JR and his wife love to travel. Their favorite activity is Scuba Diving whether it be for fun or to help the natural environment. Lionfish are known to be an invasive species in many areas of the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean, and JR has been on the front line more than once to help eradicate them.

If they are not scuba-diving, JR and his wife are likely 4-wheeling in the Jeep or hiking in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. At home, JR will stay busy tending to his bees or working on restoring a 1966 Ford Mustang.

He also has a passion for helping others. On the weekends, you can often find him volunteering to the El Paso County Search and Rescue as a Medical Technician. Annually, he shows support for his brothers in the military by volunteering with the Traumatic Brain Injury Alliance supporting their Peak Challenge Event.

JR’s favorite Zemvelo product is RePlenish. The electrolytes help fuel his favorite workout routine Krav Maga, a self-defense and physical training program. It also keeps him balanced when diving, hiking, or volunteering!


Chief Operations Officer at Mineralife Nutraceuticals

Greg has been with Neil since the very beginning. Over the years, Greg has been a trusted business consultant, friend, and leader to Mineralife. While Greg’s number one priority is his family, we know that he will always put his best foot forward to help this company grow beyond its potential.

Greg works remotely and in-office splitting time in Texas at his ranch and here in Colorado. Being at the ranch allows him ‘to leave it all behind,’ if only for a moment. He says there is nothing quite like being at his ranch with all of his beloved animals and favorite scenery. When he is not spending time with his Wife or two beautiful daughters (or new grandson!), you may find him volunteering his time to Men’s Ministry in Colorado. For almost a decade, Greg has spent great effort helping men around the world develop their relationship in Christ.

Greg’s favorite Zemvelo product is Blood Sugar Support. Mostly because his wife insists that he take it for his overall health! Blood Sugar Support is great for cardiovascular health, sustainable energy throughout the day, and is easy to take.


Director of Operations at Mineralife Nutraceuticals

Becca is generally always on the move. She loves finding a trail with a great view, doing yoga anywhere, kayaking or paddleboarding on any body of water, and dancing at music festivals. Her favorite spots have been Krka National Park in Croatia, Tent Rocks National Park in New Mexico, the entire state of Utah, Greyback Mountain in Colorado, and many local music festivals in Ohio.

She values her independence and is always working on her mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Her passion is the planet, from reducing plastic usage, to supporting healthy food systems all the way to marching down the street for science. She will always think about how she and her peers are affecting future generations.

Becca’s favorite Zemvelo products are ActivFulvic, Potassium, and Daily Multiple. Daily Multiple tastes great and was easy to add to her morning routine. Potassium was suggested by her Mineral Hair Analysis Test results and has noticeably decreased uncontrollable muscle movement and tension. ActivFulvic has many uses in Becca’s household: it is a detox for humans, food for plants, and a great addition to her at-home foot scrubs on girls’ night!


Purchasing & Manufacturing Manager at Mineralife Nutraceuticals

Mike is in Sales Development at Mineralife and handles our purchasing. It is never a quiet moment with Mike. He has adventured the seas of Alaska, alleyways in Bangkok and climbed 14,000 foot peaks. He will try anything at least once. At home he is constantly sharing his bad dad jokes with his family while also being the family’s mechanic, plumber, handyman and landscaper. He values exploration and will do anything for his family. Sometimes, you will see him volunteering at his son’s school or going the extra mile to combat homelessness or encourage better treatment of animals. There’s only one thing Mike doesn’t enjoy and that is silence. He will fill the room with his conversation, life stories and more and this shines through working with him every day.

Mike loves taking Daily Multiple for his overall well-being and will sometimes share with his family. He also enjoys taking Silica ‘to support his few remaining locks’ as he says!


Administration Coordinator at Mineralife Nutraceuticals

Lexy, Administrative Coordinator, at Mineralife is a wanderer. She has traveled around the world with some of her favorites being Hawaii, Canada, England, Amsterdam, and France! When she is visiting new places she is the first to suggest visiting historical sites to learn about the areas history and culture. Her favorite is exploring castles in far-away places. Lexy grew up in Minnesota and her family still resides there. She takes every opportunity to visit as family is number one in her book. Lexy also loves animals, cats to be more specific. She has spent a lot of time and energy fostering cats of all ages and volunteering at local shelters. Lexy has a huge heart and is always happy in the company of her favorite humans and animals alike.

Lexy has three Zemvelo by Mineralife favorites. She is a fan of the ActivFulvic detox (despite the taste!) because of its nutritional benefits support heavy metal detoxification. She also takes iron daily due to an iron-deficiency and loves knowing she is getting the nutrients she needs. The Mineral Hair Analysis Test is a favorite due to its ability to give her a look into her personal nutritional profile.