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Meet Alexis: A Closer Look at Her Mineral Hair Analysis Test Results

Alexis took the Mineral Hair Analysis Test to support her wellness journey. Working in the nutrition industry herself, Alexis wanted to better understand her own health and gage the success of her current nutrition routine. She felt that a general nutrient analysis would provide holistic insight. Alexis expressed a desire for real results—a proper mineral analysis—without going through the healthcare system. She wanted clarity on how to best support HER body.

As a 32-year-old female, Alexis wanted to understand her overall health. She created a sustainable exercise regimen by integrating cardio and weightlifting exercises three times per week. Alexis does not follow an explicit diet. Rather, she incorporates nutrient-dense whole foods alongside indulgences to find a balance that works for her.

Alexis’ Results

Given that she works in the nutrition industry, it is no surprise that her mineral analysis came back with flying colors. All vital nutrients were present in the recommended ranges. Some neared the lower end of the recommended range. However, she is comfortable with the values. They fall within sufficient ranges, and she does not notice any notable symptoms at this time. 

Alexis took the Hair Mineral Analysis to gage her current vitamin and mineral level, but the test also screens for heavy metals. Generally speaking, we do not want any heavy metals to be present. What most surprised Alexis was the presence of one heavy metal: uranium. Her screening showed toxic uranium levels. This pushed her to reach out to other professionals in the nutrition industry—turns out uranium toxicity is common in her community! With this knowledge, she is now working to prevent potential sources of intake.

Key Takeaways from the Mineral Hair Analysis

When asked about other major takeaways, Alexis mentioned that the analysis allowed her to better understand how vitamins and minerals work together. Nutrients interact with one another—one nutrient often supports another. After seeing her results, Alexis expressed a desire for balance. She hopes to create a nutrition and supplement routine that fosters even levels.

Based off of her Mineral Analysis Test Results, Alexis has decided to implement the following supplements:

  • Iron
  • Blood Sugar Support
  • Replenish 
  • Silica

The analysis offered Alexis a baseline. She intends to adhere to the supplement routine above and will monitor any changes. After three months, she plans on retesting to make sure she is supporting her body as best as she can.

Alexis went into the analysis with an open mind. She noted her gratitude, as the test allowed her to explore new areas of nutrition via heavy metals. After discovering toxic uranium levels, she has made it a point to educate herself on the presence of heavy metals—and how to best avoid them. Her nutrition and wellness are lifelong journeys. Intentionally checking in allows her to best serve her body season after season.

What will the Mineral Hair Analysis Test tell you about yourself? Find out today!

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