Blood Sugar Support

Take Control of Your Cravings and Beat the Mid-Afternoon Slump!

Your Ideal Ratio of Zinc, Manganese, Chromium, and Trace Minerals for Optimal Blood Sugar Management

In today’s world, we are always on the go. It’s difficult to maintain a healthy eating routine and sleep schedule, let alone keep our energy levels at their best. Blood Sugar Support is formulated to help you beat the mid-afternoon slump, take control of unhealthy cravings, and balance blood sugar levels.

Blood Sugar Support

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Take Control and Reap the Benefits!

Following a healthy, balanced diet that includes regular mealtimes is hard.

  • Do you often experience a mid-afternoon slump?
  • Do you have difficulty eating well?
  • Do you tend to skip meals?
  • Are you working towards achieving your ideal weight?

If you can relate to the sugar rush/crash cycle or if you answered YES to one or more of the questions above, then Blood Sugar Support may be just what you need.


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Traceable Ingredients

Zinc, manganese, chromium, and trace minerals complete the Blood Sugar Support supplement to give you the boost you need to make it through the day.

How to Use Blood Sugar Support

Mix half a teaspoon with water or your favorite juice and drink once a day. This supplement can also be taken by itself if preferred.

Active Ingredients

The body needs zinc for its metabolism, immune function, growth, and DNA synthesis. The benefits of manganese are multiple. It helps the body form connective tissue, bones, and sex hormones. It aids metabolism and blood sugar regulation, and is essential for normal brain and nerve function. Research shows that chromium can encourage normal metabolic function of carbohydrates, fats and protein by encouraging glucose absorption. The combination of these active ingredients gives the Blood Sugar Support supplement the power to change your life!

Zinc – St. Louis, MO, USA
Manganese – Charlotte, NC, USA
Chromium – Seelze, Germany
Trace Minerals – Great Salt Lakes, Utah, USA

Form: Zinc Lactate, Manganese Chloride, Chromium Chloride, Trace Minerals

Found in: Nuts and seeds, beans, ancient grains, tropical and citrus fruits

Manufactured in: USA

Zemvelo Blood Sugar Support is a proprietary blend of blood sugar balancing minerals in a patented, clinically tested professional grade CHD-Fulvic Acid blend that improves nutrient absorption into your cells and enhances overall wellbeing.

  • Potent – Each serving of Blood Sugar Support provides 10mg zinc, 2mg manganese, 300mcg chromium, and a proprietary blend of vanadium, CHD-Fulvic Acid, and 72 ionic plant-derived trace minerals.
  • Natural – Zemvelo minerals come from a pure elemental source. Blood Sugar Support contains no artificial ingredients at all – no artificial colorings, flavors, sweeteners.
  • Maximum Absorption – Angstrom-sized, water-soluble minerals (IsoIonic™) provide the greatest absorption and utilization in the body.
  • Excellent Value – Economical 8-ounce bottle lasts up to 96 days.


  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Aids in beating the mid-afternoon slump.
  • Encourages sustainable energy levels throughout the day.
  • Aids in healthy weight management.
  • Supports a busy lifestyle.
  • It’s not uncommon to skip a meal or two when you’re on the go; Blood Sugar Support helps keep unhealthy cravings in check.

Benefits of Blood Sugar Support

This mineral concentrate contains a combination of the most important dietary minerals for healthy blood sugar levels. It is specifically formulated to address the mineral requirements that support glucose production to help promote healthy sugar balance for better health and vitality.

Blood Sugar Support:


Supports healthy and normal glucose levels.


Promotes healthy sugar balance.


Aids in weight management.


Helps with managing unhealthy cravings.


Supports energy levels.

Are you ready to support your blood sugar levels, help your energy levels, and discourage your unhealthy cravings?

Blood Sugar Balance & Weight Management

Balancing your blood sugar levels supports every aspect of your wellbeing – from growth to cardiovascular health, healthy lipids, sexual health, and weight management. Healthy blood sugar levels mean your body is processing sugars correctly, and that will help you have more energy to maintain your ideal lifestyle!

What is Blood Sugar Support? – Natural Supplement for Blood Sugar

Every cell in the human body needs glucose, which is produced by the pancreas and converted into energy by our cells. Eating high-glucose carbs causes a rapid influx of sugar. This causes our insulin to spike in compensation, leaving us irritable and tired. Zemvelo professional-grade liquid Ionic Blood Sugar Support helps promote a healthy sugar balance in your body, which in turn supports cardiovascular health.

Blood Sugar Support mineral concentrate contains a combination of the most important dietary minerals for optimal blood sugar regulation, including chromium, vanadium, manganese, and zinc.

Chromium helps regulate the amount of glucose in the blood and maintains blood sugar and cholesterol levels within the normal range. Vanadium is essential for normal cell function and development and has been shown to help maintain blood sugar levels that are in the normal range by its effects on the liver, skeletal muscle, and adipose tissue (the fat that surrounds our organs). Manganese and zinc support healthy metabolic function and energy.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

If you have any questions about adding Zemvelo Liquid Blood Sugar Support to your daily routine, please contact a Dietary Supplement Specialist at (800) 303-1376 or!


Who is Blood Sugar Support recommended for?

Blood Sugar Support is recommended for those who suffer from frequent sugar crashes and afternoon slumps. It will also boost metabolic function for slow metabolizers and those with low blood sugar.

Taking a Mineral Hair Analysis Test will help you better understand your metabolic type, certain tendencies you may have, as well as your nutritional needs.

Is Blood Sugar Support safe for children to use?

Yes, the products are suitable for children. The rule of thumb that Zemvelo uses is a quarter of the dosage for toddlers up to 5 years old, and half a dosage for kids aged 6-13.

The child can do the mineral hair analysis test to find out if there are deficiencies that should be addressed and that can further help you understand the right dosage. As always, your physician will be able to advise you on this.

Can I take Blood Sugar Support with my other supplements?

Yes, all our supplements can be taken together with or without water or juice. Please note the quantities of zinc, manganese, chromium, and trace minerals to ensure that you are not over-supplementing in these areas.

The liquid minerals taste unpleasant, how should I take them?

Many of our customers mix the minerals with water or juice to help with consumption. Citrus-based juices such as pineapple, lemon, lime, grapefruit, or orange juice go well with our liquid minerals.

If you have tried something that you love, please contact to let us know!

Should I take Blood Sugar Support with or without food?

The Mineral Wheel

This is a graphical representation of mineral interactions. The wheel does not include all minerals, but it does give you an idea of the complexity of mineral interactions.

Our aim is to provide the body with minerals in a form that most closely resembles the form found in food; the form that the body best recognizes and can utilize.

The body’s affinity for different minerals, and nutrients in general, changes based on its needs. If you have a deficiency in, say, vitamin C, your body will aggressively absorb that nutrient from your food or supplement source.

The same is true of minerals. In addition to your body’s current nutritional status, there are many other factors that influence how well your body absorbs what you feed it. Things like your metabolic rate and type, stress level, fitness level, exercise, and things like sugar and caffeine intake, all affect mineral absorption.

While taking certain minerals separate from food is certainly a strategy, it is not an absolute rule. Many who do not follow this and take the minerals along with food still show significant improvement in their deficiency symptoms. Try both methods and see if you can notice a difference for you and your metabolic system.


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