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Meet Abi: A Closer Look at Her Mineral Hair Analysis Test Results

Abi took the Mineral Hair Analysis Test for a couple of reasons. First, she was interested in learning more about her overall health. She knew the hair test could provide insights she had not had access to before. She also was falling victim to many ads and recommendations about different supplements she should or should not be taking. Specifically a calcium-magnesium supplement that is commonly suggested for women was high on that list. Abi wanted more clarity on what HER body needed.

Abi is a 27 year old female, her overall health is important to her. She is 5’6” weighing 130 pounds and practices a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Prior to the many changes that have been brought about in the year 2020, Abi was a yoga instructor in addition to working full time in marketing. Today, she is doing her best to work out at home 2-3 times weekly through virtual exercises provided online. She has been happy to visit the local farmers market since its reopening to gather local fruits and vegetables to try new recipes. While she does not have any dietary restrictions, she sticks to a whole food diet with organic meats and vegetables.

An inside look to some of her Mineral Hair Analysis Test results:

As you can probably guess, Abi’s first thought was “SUPER glad I didn’t buy the Cal-Mag supplement!”. She stated she was recommended the supplement by many different people for a variety of reasons that all made sense to her. After seeing her results she has a better understanding that everyone has different mineral levels and ratios. What works for one person may not be the right fit for someone else. Going forward, she will be happy to check in with Mineral Hair Analysis Retests to make sure she is staying on track.

Based off of Abi’s Mineral Hair Analysis Test Results she was recommended the 21-day ActivFulvic Detox, Women’s Balance, Iodine, and Potassium (none of which had been recommended to her by trusted support systems). She thinks these recommendations are reasonable and feels confident in investing in her health moving forward.

Her biggest takeaway from this experience was learning that not only do the individual levels of minerals count but also the relationship each of the minerals have with each other.

What will the Mineral Hair Analysis Test tell you about yourself? Find out today!

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