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Mineral Hair Analysis Test Results: Meet Jane

It’s no surprise to learn that our body’s are a fount of information. Modern science allows us to spit in a tube, place it in the mailbox and discover our genetic origins, how our genes play a role in our traits and even how they affect our predispositions to certain health conditions. But did you know that your hair can provide a blueprint to your nutritional health and well being?

Mineralife’s Mineral Hair Analysis Test

Mineralife is now offering a comprehensive, mail order hair test to provide a glimpse into your nutritional health. Minerals are the fundamental building blocks of life essential for virtually every metabolic reaction within the body, including:

  • the breakdown of food
  • production of energy
  • formation of new cells for hair, blood, bone, organs, and other tissues
  • contraction of muscles
  • electrical transmission along nerves
  • production of hormones
  • and much more!

Why Test Hair instead of Blood, Saliva or Urine?

Blood, urine and saliva undergo a natural filtration process within the body on a daily basis. As a result, essential mineral and nutrient levels are equivalent to a snapshot in time providing nutrient levels and metabolic data from within only a few days.

However, hair is excretory tissue produced with the body’s metabolic elimination of essential and nonessential minerals and other elements. With the average rate of hair growth, mineral hair testing detects levels from the last 3+ months providing more robust insight into nutrient levels and metabolic patterns over time.

Meet Jane: Our Example Subject

Jane is a healthy, 42-year-old female without any known medical issues. She eats relatively well, works out a few times a week, enjoys a glass of wine or two as well. Jane has been an on again, off again dietary for the last 20+ years and finds it is increasingly more difficult to keep weight off.

Jane has an office job and while she doesn’t feel her work is overly stressful, she does find that she feels fatigued daily, experiences mental burnout and often has trouble sleeping.

Jane currently takes a generic, store bought women’s multi-vitamin supplement and a calcium chewable supplement most days when she remembers.

Jane’s hair analysis results summary:

Jane’s persona is artificial. Her test results and summary are based on an actual report.

What will your hair say about your health?

Want to see real test results? Order our at home mineral hair analysis test and get your results!

Plus, we’ll be sharing some more results and hear these people’s stories soon!

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