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Natramune: What Is It?

Our health prospers when we foster our wellness holistically. Intentionally creating a routine that supports your health and wellness allows you to live in a body that serves your individual needs. Create consistent sleep habits; eat nutrient-dense whole foods; hydrate consistently; find sustainable movements; implement practices that allow your mind and spirit to rest. All of these things support our overall health, wellness and immunity. Supporting and retaining immune health allows our bodies to thrive. If you have implemented the natural practices outlined above—but want to further nourish your immune health—consider implementing Natramune based immunity supplements.

What Is Natramune?

Natramune is a natural nutraceutical ingredient blend derived from fungi and mushrooms. It supports immune function by encouraging the production of healthy immune cells:

  • White Blood Cells: defend against unknown organisms to protect body from infections
  • T-Cells: recognize antigens, maintain immunological memory, activate immune cells
  • B-Cells: produce antibodies to fight bacteria and viruses
  • NK Cells: intervene early to control viral infections by limiting their spread and damage

Manufacturers implement Natramune as an important ingredient in immunity nutraceuticals. It enhances the efficacy of immunity supplement by encouraging the production of healthy immune cells. This nutraceutical supports the body against unwanted bacteria, fungi and viruses by supporting the proliferation of the immune cells above.

Why Choose It?

Immune health provides a foundation for evolving health and wellness routine. Having an immune system that adequately fights unwanted bacteria and viruses allows you to focus on creating the body you want to live in. Natramune supports immune health:

  • Immune Cell Production: encourages the production of WB, T, B, and NK cells
  • Exclusive Formulation: fatty acid complex allows hemicellulose to enter the body
  • Backed By Research: evaluated and supported by published, peer-reviewed research

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