Stress & Mood

The effects that stress can have on your emotional and physical health cannot be exaggerated. A healthy mind can be extremely therapeutic, while an unhealthy mind is usually the opposite. Having a normal stress response can mean something different for everyone. However, many people do not know there is a correlation between our mineral profile and our ability to handle and overcome stress.

Healthy Stress Response & Mood Supplements

Our bodies work harder when they are not absorbing the nutrients they need to thrive. If this becomes a constant trend and you are met with an external stressful event physically, emotionally, or spiritually, your body may take longer to recover. Many studies have correlated nutrient levels with excessive feelings of tiredness, sluggishness, inability to focus, difficulty grieving, and even having a less-than-optimistic state of mind.

Rest is extremely important for the body to overcome both everyday and abnormal stressors. Yet, a large percentage of people worldwide struggle with sleep. Many suffer from the inability to fall asleep. Once they do, they may have trouble sleeping through the night. Minerals for mood balance can help. Magnesium, for example, is an important mineral for relaxation. In fact, it is commonly known as the relaxation mineral.

Our immune system function depends on our ability to handle stress. If our minds and bodies are feeling run-down, then it may be difficult to recover from feelings of sickness. Our bodies are trying to do so many things at once, it becomes hard to focus on what they should be doing first. This can snowball into other areas of our life and we just keep going the best we can.

Coenzyme 10 plays a large role in encouraging sustainable energy throughout the day. After all, Its primary function is to provide energy to the body’s cells.

Mineral ratios can affect our overall mental wellbeing. Many studies have correlated the zinc-copper ratio with healthy stress response, mental wellness, and mood balance. When this ratio is unbalanced, one may have trouble focusing on what may be most important to them and feel extreme highs and lows or lethargic towards life. You can learn more about your zinc-copper ratio by taking a Mineral Hair Analysis Test if you are unsure of this mineral relationship within your body.

Aside from nutrition, simple breathing techniques can be calming. Exercising weekly will help many functions within the body, even if it is just getting out for a simple walk once a day. Yoga practices adopted from all around the world have helped many overcome mental and physical obstacles. All these things can be done at no additional cost to you as well (thank you, YouTube!).

Stress is a common issue that humans face at every age and getting to the root cause may be difficult, but not impossible. We are here to help you find balance in your nutrition plan and believe combating stress is a great place to start.

Eating a healthy diet is extremely important. However, due to soil depletion, food processing, storage, and preparation, we often lack the vital vitamins and minerals we need in our diet. This makes using a mood balance supplement extremely helpful in getting the necessary nutrients to where they need to go. At Zemvelo, our number one priority is absorption. We care about your ability to receive all the nutrients you need, period.

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