Magnesium for Kids

Magnesium Deficiency is Not Uncommon in Adults and Children Alike

Powdered Magnesium Enhanced with Fulvic Acid for Ultimate Absorption and a Taste the Whole Family Will Love

We understand liquid minerals may not always have the best taste. We also understand that children are at risk of mineral deficiencies, even at such a young age. Zemvelo Magnesium for Kids keeps all of this in mind (and more!) to bring you and your family a powerful mineral in a tangerine taste you can’t beat.

Magnesium for Kids

The Benefits of Our Quick-Absorption Magnesium in a Taste Kids Enjoy

Magnesium is an essential mineral required for over 300 different processes in the body. Unfortunately, children around the world today are at risk of either undernutrition or obesity based on their average diet. Both undernutrition and obesity can be attributed to a lack of proper nutrition.

Improper nutrition for our developing kids can lead to the inability to stay focused, decreased energy levels due to unhealthy sleeping patterns, and an imbalanced gut-brain connection.


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Traceable Ingredients

Magnesium plays such an important role in everybody’s life – from improved sleep and better energy to overall growth and development. We want to ensure that you have the option to get this crucial mineral into your body. If the liquid supplement is not for you and your family, you and your kids may love the powdered tangerine flavor.

How to Use Magnesium for Kids

For most children, mix 3.4 grams (1/2 scoop) with warm or hot water (or your favorite juice), serve over ice, and drink up! Please refer to the RDA for your child’s age to determine the best serving for them.

If your family is new to taking magnesium it can be helpful to start with a half-serving and work your way up to a full serving. Listen to your body when you are beginning to nourish it and, as always, reach out to us if you have any questions.

Active Ingredients

Magnesium in an easy-to-digest form complexed with fulvic acid for ultimate absorption.

Magnesium Citrate is sourced from the Dead Sea, Israel

Form: Magnesium Citrate

Found in: Avocado, leafy vegetables, boiled eggs, red peppers

Manufactured in: Israel

Zemvelo offers an easy-to-take Magnesium powder:

  • Great Taste – Refreshing tangerine flavor.
  • Highly Absorbable – Fulvic Acid has been added to further increase absorption.
  • Great Value – 50 servings per container.

Concentration: 182mg-365mg of Magnesium per serving providing the RDV for kids 4-18

  • Children are at risk of mineral deficiencies, even at an early age. Mineral deficiencies can lead to unwanted issues later in adult life.
  • Children’s diets today overwhelmingly lack vital nutrients their growing bodies need to be happy and healthy.
  • Magnesium deficiency in children can lead to restless nights, mood swings, and unfocused days.
  • The gut-brain connection is extremely important for a growing child; magnesium aids in healthy digestion, thus promoting a balanced mood.
  • Magnesium For Kids is a great-tasting magnesium supplement for the whole family.

A Flavored Drink Your Kids Will Love

Magnesium for Kids is an advanced powdered form that, when added to water, creates a great tangerine flavored drink that kids enjoy. Magnesium for Kids is also formulated with magnesium ions to provide better absorption throughout the body.

Benefits of Magnesium for Kids

Zemvelo Magnesium for Kids Benefits to Mental Health
Supports Calm and Focus

Magnesium is known to balance mood, naturally supporting healthy stress levels and aiding in mental focus to support a healthy and happy disposition.

Supports Energy

Magnesium plays 2 roles in healthy energy levels:

  1. Aids in the production of energy that the body needs.
  2. Promotes nerve relaxation, aiding with restful sleep to recharge for a new day.


Healthy Growth

Supports healthy muscle function and development while also partnering with calcium to promote bone development.

Happy Digestion

Promotes healthy tummy functions and bowel movements.

What Are Magnesium Ions Used For?

Magnesium can support growth and development in children by supporting a normal inflammatory response and soothing the aches associated with growing bones and muscles. Magnesium supports bone health to discourage any fractures or breaks.

Magnesium is known as the relaxation mineral. What this could mean for your child is better focus, less stress, and better sleep throughout the night.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

If you have any questions about adding Zemvelo Magnesium to your daily routine, please contact a Dietary Supplement Specialist at (800) 303-1376 or!


Who is Magnesium for Kids recommended for?

This is a great supplement for the whole family to combat magnesium deficiency, which is prevalent around the world.

Can Magnesium for Kids be taken with other supplements?

Yes, all our supplements can be taken together with or without water or juice. However, this supplement is meant to be dissolved in warm/hot water, stirred, and then put over ice to drink.

What is the best way to take Magnesium for Kids?

We highly recommend dissolving in hot water and then once it is mixed with the water, add ice for a refreshing tangerine drink. You may also try mixing the powder into a smoothie like some of our customers have done. We have found most smoothies do not mix well with this product by itself, however. If you are to mix with a smoothie, try dissolving it in water first, and then add the mixture to the smoothie for a smoother taste.

Should Magnesium for Kids be taken with or without food?

The Mineral Wheel

This is a graphical representation of mineral interactions. The wheel does not include all minerals, but it does give you an idea of the complexity of mineral interactions.

Our aim is to provide the body with minerals in a form that most closely resembles the form found in food, the form which the body best recognizes and can utilize.

The body’s affinity for different minerals, and nutrients in general, changes based on its needs. If you have a deficiency in, say, vitamin C, your body will aggressively absorb that nutrient from your food or supplement source. The same is true of minerals. In addition to your body’s current nutritional status, there are many other factors that influence how well your body absorbs what you feed it. Things like your metabolic rate and type, stress level, fitness level, exercise, and things like sugar and caffeine intake, all affect mineral absorption.

While taking certain minerals separate from food is certainly a strategy, it is not an absolute rule. Many who do not follow this and take the minerals along with food still show significant improvement in their deficiency symptoms. We would say, try both methods and see if you can notice a difference for you and your metabolic system.


How is the Citric Acid made that is used in Zemvelo products?

Our citric acid is made using cultures of A. niger fed on a sugar-containing medium. The source of sugar is typically molasses, hydrolyzed corn starch, or some other sugary solution.

We always test to ensure it is safe, effective, and pure.

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