Get the Electrolytes Your Body Needs in a Form it Can Absorb!

Liquid Potassium for Optimal Heart Health Support

Potassium is an important electrolyte that everybody needs in sufficient amounts. It plays a huge role in optimal brain and muscle function (including the heart) by helping your cells communicate effectively.


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Fuel for Your Cells

Potassium is a primary electrolyte used in all the cells of your body. It interacts with sodium to help balance mineral and fluid levels in your body. Low potassium levels can be extremely dangerous, as potassium is needed for many cellular functions, including:

  • supporting sustainable energy levels.
  • encouraging digestive health.
  • helping to prevent muscle discomforts and uncontrollable movement.
  • help regulate nerve impulses.
  • support healthy heart rhythms.

It is important to consume sufficient potassium to meet your daily requirements. Invest in your health with Zemvelo Potassium today.


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Traceable Ingredients

The correct balance of electrolytes sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium through diet or supplementation will support graceful aging, higher energy levels, and optimal muscle function. Τhe sodium-potassium ratio is often referred to as the life-death ratio because of its significant effect on your overall health. No matter if you are extremely active or barely make it out for a walk each day, electrolytes are a very important part of your diet.

How to Use Potassium

Mix 1 teaspoon with water or your favorite juice and drink up! This supplement can be taken on its own if you prefer not to mix with water or juice.

Active Ingredients

Potassium is an important electrolyte required for optimal brain and muscle function, facilitating effective cell interaction. CHD-FA Fulvic Acid enhances the body’s absorption and use of vitamins and minerals.

Our Potassium Citrate primarily comes from Utah and New Mexico

Form: Potassium Citrate.

Found in: Potassium-rich foods include halibut, herring, sardines, pecans, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, avocado, raisins, lentils, potatoes, spinach, swiss chard, rye, and mushrooms.

Production Plant: Port Colborne, CA MFG Site: Newton, MA

Zemvelo Liquid Ionic Potassium contains added CHD-Fulvic Acid to further increase absorption and enhance overall wellbeing as fulvic acid can naturally support the body’s immune, inflammatory, and detoxification response.

  • Natural – Prepared from a pure elemental source.
  • Easy To Use – Liquid solution that eliminates the need to swallow hands-full of tablets.
  • Concentrated – 19,800 PPM or Mg/L.
  • Excellent Value – 8 oz bottle provides a 48-day supply.

  • Supports gut health.
  • Supports most active lifestyles.
  • An important electrolyte for all body types.
  • Can help balance blood pressure.
  • Works well with calcium and magnesium.
  • Promotes sustained energy throughout the day.
  • Great support for cardiovascular health.

Benefits of Potassium

Potassium is an electrolyte that can provide natural discomfort relief for sore muscles and a natural diuretic to support gut health.

People who fall under these categories may benefit from potassium supplementation as they may be more likely to have a potassium deficiency:


Active lifestyle


Use diuretics


Consume alcohol frequently


Are on very low calorie or food-restrictive diets

Low potassium levels can result in extreme tiredness, breakdown of muscle mass, and other unwanted side effects. Healthy potassium levels can help promote muscle relaxation to support the prevention of cramps, spasms, and difficulty exercising.

Mineral Potassium for Healthy Blood Pressure Support

Potassium helps control the heart’s electrical activity to regulate beat rhythms, circulation, and blood pressure. Diets high in sodium and low in potassium can contribute to cardiovascular stress. You can learn more about the sodium-potassium ratio here.

Additionally, healthy levels may:

Help maintain a strong bone structure.


Promote healthy nerve function.


Support joint health.


Encourage heart and muscle health.


Support athletic performance.


Balance blood pressure.

Potassium plays so many important roles within the body. It can:

Neutralize acids to help maintain the correct body pH.


Work with sodium in all cells including nerve synapses to maintain/restore membrane potential and assist in metabolic processes.


Regulate the transfer of nutrients into cells, promoting healthy cardiovascular and nerve function.


Support faster healing of cuts, bruises, and other injuries.


Aid in joint health by neutralizing acids that may cause joint stiffness.

Natural Liquid Potassium Supplement

Zemvelo Potassium is combined with clinically tested professional grade CHD-Fulvic Acid to further increase absorption and enhance overall wellbeing as fulvic acid can naturally support the body’s immune, inflammatory, and detoxification response.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

If you have any questions about adding Zemvelo Potassium to your daily routine, please contact a Dietary Supplement Specialist at (800) 303-1376 or customerservice@zemvelo.com.


Who is Potassium recommended for?

Potassium is recommended for those with excessive muscle contraction and relaxation. If you are experiencing cramps or ‘Charlie horses’ often, potassium may be a great supplement for you. Potassium is also an important electrolyte that will aid in gut health.

Can I take Potassium with my other supplements?

Yes, all our supplements can be taken together, with or without water or juice.

The liquid minerals taste unpleasant, how should I take them?

Many of our customers mix the minerals with water or juice to help with consumption. Citrus-based juices such as pineapple, lemon, lime, grapefruit, or orange juice go well with our liquid minerals.

If you have tried something that you love, please contact customerservice@zemvelo.com to let us know!

Are Zemvelo products safe for children to consume?

Yes, the products are suitable for children. The rule of thumb for Zemvelo is one-quarter dosage for toddlers to 5 years old and half dosage for kids aged 6-13.

The child can do the Mineral Hair Analysis Test to find out if there are deficiencies that should be addressed and that can further help you understand the right dosage. As always, you should consider consulting your physician.

Should I take Potassium with or without food?

The Mineral Wheel

This is a graphical representation of mineral interactions. The wheel does not include all minerals, but it does give you an idea of the complexity of mineral interactions.

Our aim is to provide the body with minerals in a form that most closely resembles the form found in food, the form which the body best recognizes and can utilize.

The body’s affinity for different minerals, and nutrients in general, changes based on its needs. If you have a deficiency in, say, vitamin C, your body will aggressively absorb that nutrient from your food or supplement source.

The same is true of minerals. In addition to your body’s current nutritional status, there are many other factors that influence how well your body absorbs what you feed it. Things like your metabolic rate and type, stress level, fitness level, exercise, and things like sugar and caffeine intake, all affect mineral absorption.

While taking certain minerals separate from food is certainly a strategy, it is not an absolute rule. Many who do not follow this and take the minerals along with food still show significant improvement in their deficiency symptoms. I would say try both methods and see if you can notice a difference for you and your metabolic system.


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