The average diet today lacks very important vitamins and minerals due to soil depletion, food processing, and more. If our soils are not filled with the nutrients our body needs to optimally function, the foods we eat lack these important vitamins and minerals. Fruits and vegetables grown in nutrient-depleted soils end up not being as nutritious as most people think they are. Then, the animals eating vegetables and grains grown in these soils have even less nutritious value. By the time the food reaches our plate, it has also gone through other food processing, storing, and cooking measures, further depleting our food of vital vitamins and minerals we need.
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You may think that by following a strict organic, whole-food diet then you are in the clear. Unfortunately, you might not be. While most organic foods are going to be better for you and full of more nutrients than conventional alternatives, there are still nutrient gaps.

Luckily, nutrient gaps can be filled. Zemvelo creates the best minerals for women and men to fill any nutritional gaps you may have in your current diet. From vitamins for men to important minerals such as zinc or magnesium, multivitamins for adults, vitamin supplements for women, supplements for men, and mineral supplements for men, we have many different options for you.

Nutrient deficiencies, imbalanced mineral ratios, and more can have unwanted effects on your quality of life. Add in the normal stressors of everyday life and our bodies simply can’t keep up. Without a solid nutrition plan, we may find ourselves having trouble sleeping or staying asleep. We may experience unnecessary aches and other discomforts in our bones, joints, or muscles. We may feel burnt-out like we cannot maintain a sustainable level of energy throughout the day.

We understand not every ailment under the sun can be helped with proper nutrition (thank you, modern medicine!) but we sincerely believe that it can and will make a difference. Many of our customers have searched high and low for the right solution for them and have been dedicated customers ever since trying Zemvelo products. We have developed several specialized supplements including vitamins for women, minerals for men, nutrients for adults, and more.

What sets us apart from many other supplement brands is our dedication to bioavailability in the body. It is one thing to supplement your diet, but it is an entirely other issue whether your body is absorbing what you are putting into it. You have likely heard the term, ‘you are what you eat.’ We believe that, in fact, you are what you absorb.

You can learn more about Zemvelo delivery methods here. Additionally, we go above and beyond to serve you the best ingredients from quality suppliers. We take your health seriously and we know that we do not need hard-to-pronounce fillers and additives in our products for you to enjoy the benefits. Check out our quality processes here.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns contact us directly at or call us at 1 (800) 303-1376.

We love to be a part of your journey to health.

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