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Meet Travis: A Closer Look at His Mineral Hair Analysis Test Results

Working in the nutrition industry himself, Travis was a bit skeptical of the Mineral Hair Analysis Test. His take is that most nutritional deficiencies and excesses can be solved through a whole food diet alone. With that said, he was happy to see that the Mineral Hair Analysis Test results and recommendations stood in line with his beliefs on proper nutrition.

Travis is a 31 year old male that is within a healthy height and weight range (5’9”, 150 pounds). He practices a whole food, low carb diet. Occasionally gluten-free by choice, with the random sugar binge here and there. Living near plenty of outdoor recreation, Travis takes advantage. A lot of his free time is spent hiking in the mountains, rock climbing, and running. Overall, he spends more time outside staying active than the average human.

An Inside Look at Travis’s Mineral Hair Analysis Test Results:

Metabolism & Heavy Metals

When taking a closer look at his metabolism type, Slow Type 2, he identified with some of the qualities. Some examples include lower body temperatures, cold extremities, and low-protein intake. This also led him to learn more about his decreased thyroid function. Thus, the need to increase iodine in his diet program. He was concerned about showing trace levels of uranium, arsenic, mercury and aluminum (see Toxic Elements chart above). So he plans to practice the 21-day ActivFulvic Detox to help remove these heavy metals in his system. This detox likely will help other diet and supplement changes have a greater effect on his overall health.

For the most part, the rest of his mineral levels and ratios were in acceptable range (see Nutritional Elements chart above). An outlier was an increased need for Potassium. This is most likely due to his very active lifestyle and a heightened need for this important electrolyte.

Whole-Food Diet or Supplementation? How about both.

Generally, Travis does not rely on supplements to fill in nutritional gaps. He instead studied diet recommendations provided by the test as these piqued his interest the most. The recommendations did not intimidate him. He felt they were very realistic and easy to understand. They will be simple to incorporate into his daily routine. For example, in addition to increasing protein, he was encouraged to decrease milk & milk products, fruit-based juices and other sugars. We think he already knew that was coming with the occasional sugar binge!

Overall, the changes are very reasonable to Travis. He is taking his health more and more seriously every day. Travis is eager to participate in the detox program. He will improve his metabolic function by adding an iodine supplement to his diet. However, he intends to increase potassium levels through a whole-food diet alone.

The Mineral Hair Analysis Test increased the confidence Travis already had regarding his diet and exercise program. The feedback was welcomed to improve his overall health.

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