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5 Surprising Things You Can Do With Your Supplements

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ve probably purchased a lot of different supplements, from minerals and vitamins to collagen powder and more, along the way. Some stuck, while other supplements probably did not. But what if there were other ways to use your supplements? We are here to tell you there are!

ActivFulvic is good for you, your plants, and your feet!

Yep, you read that right. Maybe you have completed the 30-day detox of ActivFulvic. Maybe you are now using it as maintenance instead of taking it every day. We are here to tell you there are a couple different things you can use it for and still receive its vast benefits!

Feed your plants.

Mix about 4 caps (4 tbsp or 1/4 cup) into a 2.5 Liter jug with water. The water will turn a light brown color and BOOM!, you have plant food. If you really want to make the plants happy add about 2 caps (2 tbsp or 1/8 cup) of Trace Minerals in the mixture as well!

Why does this work? The same reason that humans need Fulvic Acid and Trace Minerals, nutrient depletion in the soil. The soil today, whether commercial farms that are growing our food, our backyard gardens, and even our indoor plants are missing important nutrients that were available even 50-100 years ago. Adding the above minerals will give your plants a boost you maybe didn’t know they needed!

Soak Your Feet

Mix 3-4 caps (3-4 tbsp) of ActivFulvic into hot water in large bowl or pedicure tub. The skin’s absorption rate is almost 200x that of taking things orally, so by using this mineral topically on rough feet can be really beneficial!

Want to pamper yourself a little more? Add some lavender scented soap (or whatever is your favorite smell) for a scrub. If you already have a foot scrub ‘recipe’ that you enjoy, just add in some ActivFulvic to amp things up.

Learn more about the benefits ActivFulvic.

Silver is great for you!

Silver has a range of benefits. It has been a common remedy for hundreds of years. You’ve probably heard the saying about ‘being born with a silver spoon’, while today it may be used to discuss the wealth of the newborn – there is a story behind how it started. Silver was passed down through generations because of the health benefits, not necessarily the wealth benefits. Feeding babies with silver spoons, or gifting them silver rattles, helped disrupt unwanted feelings. Since then generations have used silver to keep food and drink from spoiling and today it is sometimes used to support immunity.

Sunburn? No Problem

We all have been there, it’s usually the first time we spend more than 15 minutes outside all summer and we forget the sunscreen. We are too wrapped up in enjoying summertime activities like the pool and hiking or cookouts (no one blames you!), but then it happens. You are sunburned. Put your liquid Silver supplement into a spray bottle and spray it all over. Ahhh! So refreshing!

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