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Meet Makayla: A Closer Look at Her Mineral Hair Test Results

Makayla took her first mineral hair analysis test at the age of 25 (approaching 27 now). She is active, often mountain biking and/or running throughout the week and on the weekends. At the time she was 5’4” and weighing roughly 120 lbs and not much has changed since this test. Her diet was average, eating meats and veggies, no special dietary restrictions. She did her best to control portions, if anything, when it came to meal-planning.

Makayla took the hair test because she was interested in learning more about her mineral profile as well as receive some health recommendations based on her personal lifestyle. She always had an interest in living an active, healthy lifestyle and the supplement and dietary recommendations provided from the hair test could help her keep moving in the right direction.

Her Metabolic Type: Fast Metabolism 4

Makayla is a Fast Type 4. Based on these results some of the Fast 4 characteristics include:

  • Sympathetic Dominant nervous system – the energy-conserving autonomic nervous system.
  • Thyroid gland activity = decreased.
  • Parathyroid gland activity = increased.
  • Adrenal gland activity = decreased.
  • Stomach acid = low.
  • Pancreatic activity = increased.
  • Body shape consideration = lean muscular.
  • Energy profile = periodic fatigue and depression.
  • Stress index = classic “stress burnout”.

Dietary Recommendations to Optimize Her Health

When she received her results, the dietary recommendations surprised her the most. She realized that she was not getting enough Sodium in her diet, especially for her active lifestyle. Sodium is an important electrolyte and she was deficient. The test also suggested she eat more bacon (Canadian), less fruit, while also increasing her dairy and fish intake. While she had no issue with consuming more bacon, she definitely was going to have a hard time eating less fruit and as time went on this recommendation did not stick for her.

Her Supplement Recommendations to Fill Her Nutritional Gaps

Makayla was recommended to take RePlenish, Iodine (for thyroid support) and Daily Multiple on a daily basis. Instead, Makyala opted to take each of the individual minerals in the RePlenish supplement: Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium. She did this for a couple of reasons.

First, Makayla knew that significantly increasing her dairy consumption was not going to work for her. Instead, she choose to take Calcium. Also, her family has a history of dental issues and calcium is a great mineral to help with bone and teeth structure and strength.

Second, Magnesium is an important mineral for restful sleep and that was something Makayla felt would help with her energy levels as she often felt fatigued throughout the day.

Lastly, Potassium is an important electrolyte for hydration levels and she wanted to make sure she was getting enough to maintain her active lifestyle.

RePlenish is easy to keep on hand since it does not need to be refrigerated and she will take that with her mountain biking and notices that she stays hydrated longer when being active. Otherwise, she takes Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Daily Multiple and Iodine 5 days per week and really recognizes the difference when she misses a day. Makayla has noticed that workout recovery takes longer, she doesn’t sleep as well and her muscles tend to cramp up more if she doesn’t take her supplements.

Makayla is due for her follow up test soon and she is excited to see what progress she has made with her nutrition over the last year. Overall, the recommendations were easy to follow and she really feels that they have complimented her lifestyle very well.

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