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Electrolyte Imbalance and Your Mood

Every day we are surrounded by people, places and things that may effect our mood. Your morning routine (or lack thereof). Your commute. The home office. Amount of sunshine. Every human interaction. Weather changes. Watching the news. Sleep patterns. Dieting or not dieting. Just to name a few. Air pollution contributes to 7 million deaths per year. Many young people are also targeted by different marketing campaigns promoting less-than-healthy habits or products.

Journey to a Healthy Mood

Many external factors are affecting our day-to-day mood. So, sometimes the best place to start is internally. Ask yourself:

  • Am I getting enough rest?
  • Do I eat a balanced diet? This includes cake.
  • When is the last time I went outside?
  • Have I been able to spend time on my hobbies?
  • Do I drink enough water?

Most of the above can be in your control. Many people are experimenting with their sleeping patterns. They try napping more, waking up earlier, incremental sleep patterns, not hitting snooze. At-home health tests are usually simple and can tell you a lot about yourself if you do not know where to start. Rediscovering a lost hobby can also bring joy back into your life that you may not have known was missing.

Minerals and Vitamins May Help Support You

You may associate electrolytes with working out, running or athletes. Maybe, you associate them with the morning after having a few too many adult beverages. Have you ever considered how they may play a role in your mood?

Many of us are told that sodium is bad for a lack of better words. Did you know that sodium deficiency may cause feelings of extreme restlessness? This deficiency (paired with potassium deficiency) may decrease your ability to naturally cope with physical and mental stressors.

Did you know magnesium is responsible for over 300 processes within the body? You can likely connect the dots of what may happen if you do not have enough in your current diet. Hint, many of those processes stop working efficiently.

Calcium is a great mineral, vital to overall health and wellness. However, if it is not balanced with magnesium and/or potassium it may have unwanted side effects.

Put Yourself First

On your journey to health have patience, understanding and an open mind. The smallest changes may have the largest impact on your overall mood.

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