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Healthy Habits: Healthy Skin & Hair

Winter is a joyful season, but it fosters a dry and brittle atmosphere. As summer rounds the corner, we see nature rejuvenating! The lifeless branches are replaced with fresh blossoms. There is a chance our once healthy skin and hair met the same fate as the trees—becoming dry and dull in appearance. As summer approaches, many are seeking out their summer glow. This often begins with revitalizing our hair and skin. Skincare and haircare start from within. Our internal health is reflected outward.

Below are three simple habits that promote skin and hair health. Implementing these may support your glow and propel you into your hot girl summer!

3 Healthy Hair & Skin Habits to Implement into Your Routine

To support  your summer glow, you must ensure that you foster your skin health—internally and externally. Below are three healthy skin and hair habits you can implement into your routine.

(1) Drink Water

Drinking water promotes internal wellness. It benefits every body system. Drinking water promotes skin hydration and consequent elasticity. Adequate hydration promotes skin health and appearance by discouraging wrinkles, acne breakouts and damaged skin. It also supports skin elasticity—allowing your skin to appear plump and smooth.

It is generally recommended to consume 64 ounces—or eight cups—of water per day. 

Average individuals may also use body weight to determine water intake: ounces of water consumed equates your body weight in kilograms.

Example: if you weigh 70 kilograms, aim to drink 70 ounces of water per day.

If you are struggling to reach your water intake goal, consider implementing the chug method. On average, one second of chugging equates to one ounce of water. If you do a 10-second chug seven times throughout the day, you will likely reach the daily recommended value.

(2) Vitamins and Minerals

Skin and hair health begin within the body. Ensuring your body systems are saturated with adequate nutrients will support your skin and hair health.

Your external appearance often reflects your internal health.

Consuming a well-rounded, whole food diet is a great place to start. Nutrient-dense foods are an efficient way to ensure you are consuming adequate vitamins and minerals. The following list outlines *some* essential vitamins and minerals and the ways they may support skin and hair health.

  • Silica: encourages smooth skin by supporting collagen production
  • Omega-3 and -6: supports skin hydration and the skin’s sensitivity to sun rays
  • Vitamin E: discourages moisture loss in the skin
  • Zinc: supports a normal inflammatory response and supports damaged skin

If you struggle to consume these vitamins and minerals in your diet, talk to your healthcare professional about supplementing! Supplementation may support your body systems by saturating them with adequate nutrients.

(3) Topical Products

External products work in conjunction with internal remedies to promote skin and hair wellness. Topical products are broad. They are often suited towards preventing or remedying specific concerns. Below are *some* external products that support skin and hair health:

  • Sunscreen: discourages skin cell damage and consequent aging 
  • Moisturizer: may protect skin by creating a hydrating barrier
  • Argan Oil: may prevent breakage and split ends by hydrating the hair shaft

Sunscreen can encourage graceful aging.

It is highly recommended that average individuals wear sunscreen daily. Sunscreen refracts, absorbs and blocks harmful UV rays. This supports long term skin health and wellness. Try to find a sunscreen that works for you and implement it into your daily routine! Bonus, if the sunscreen includes the important mineral Zinc!

If you have questions about what topicals and products will best support you, be sure to reach out to your dermatologist and/or general healthcare provider!

Key Ideas for Healthy Skin & Hair:

Skincare and haircare start from within. Your internal health is often reflected externally. Consider implementing the following healthy habits to promote skin and hair wellness:

  • Drink Water: For the average adult, drink 64 ounces—8 cups—of water per day
  • Vitamins and Minerals: eat whole foods to support nutrient sufficiency
  • Topicals: incorporate external support via sunscreens, lotions and oils where needed

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