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Healthy Skin from Within

Wellness shines from the inside out. Healthy skin and wellness start from within as our skin is our largest organ. Yes, you heard that right…our skin is our largest organ! So, we must nourish it the same as we would any other organ. It protects our organs, bones and veins from external forces.

Our skin keeps us together!

External practices help to maintain clear skin. Cleansers and cosmetics promote topical health. But our main focus today is fueling internal health to support external skin wellness. Below is a list of vitamins and minerals that function to support skin health and wellness. 

Nutrients to Support Healthy Skin


Collagen production thrives on silica. Additive silica promotes optimal collagen levels. Collagen is the primary protein in our skin. Healthy collagen levels increase skin elasticity to encourage smooth skin. An explicit daily recommended value is not established. But it can be sourced and supplemented naturally. Silica is found in green beans, bananas, leafy greens and brown rice. If you struggle to consume silica in your diet, supplementation is a viable option! Supplementation may help skin health.

Omega-3 and -6

Ongoing research suggests that omega-3 and -6 support sensitive skin health. Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids increase hydration. This may help combat dry and/or irritated skin. Research found that DHA and EPA—long chain fatty acids—have the ability to support the skin’s sensitivity to sun rays.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E can protect cells from damage and may encourage a normal inflammatory response within the body. It also prevents moisture loss, softening skin. Vitamin E can reach the skin two ways: internally and externally. This is a common vitamin. You may already consume it! Vitamin E is found in green vegetables, fresh fruits and nuts. If you are not consuming it naturally, supplementation is a great way to get the vitamins your body needs. Oral and topical supplements exist. Find what works for you!


This mineral supports a normal inflammatory response. When you scrape your knee skateboarding, or nick your finger in the kitchen, zinc could be one of the first minerals on the scene. It plays a large role in supporting the formation of new cells and cell membranes in skin. 

It also offers immune-supporting qualities. Research shows that the immune-supporting qualities may help promote a normal inflammatory response. Therefore, discouraging acne flare-ups. 

Key Ideas to Support Healthy Skin:

Skin health starts from within. Vitamins and minerals support skin appearance and wellness. 

The following nutrients support skin health and wellness:

  • Silica: encourages smooth skin by supporting collagen production
  • Omega-3 and -6: support skin hydration and the skin’s sensitivity to sun rays
  • Vitamin E: discourages moisture loss in the skin
  • Zinc: supports a normal inflammatory response and supports damaged skin.

A well-rounded diet promotes skin health by ensuring you are consuming the vitamins and minerals your body needs. If you are not consuming it naturally, supplementation is a great way to ensure you are consuming key nutrients.

Where your diet falls short, supplementation is ready to support! Speak with your healthcare professional today about what will work best for you and YOUR body.

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