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Meet Rebecca (again): A Closer Look at Her Mineral Hair Analysis Retest Results

You may have read about Rebecca’s Mineral Hair Analysis Insights before. Roughly 6-8 months later she took a retest to check in on her nutritional progress.

As a quick recap, Rebecca was showing mineral deficiencies in electrolytes Sodium and Potassium. Magnesium and Cobalt were borderline high. Her original test showed trends towards fatigue, low iron levels and water retention. While she was maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine, she was not surprised by the mineral hair analysis results and trends.

In the 6-8 months in between Mineral Hair Analysis testing, Rebecca stayed true to her mineral recommendations. She completed the 21-day ActivFulvic detox recommended while also upgrading her diet. Additionally, she took mineral recommendations (Daily Multiple, Iodine, RePlenish, Potassium, and Iron) 3-5x a week as proposed. She also continued a weekly workout routine that included yoga, weightlifting, and bodyweight exercises.

Fast forward to today, Rebecca no longer has Sodium, Potassium or Iron deficiencies! She potentially overdid it on Magnesium (in both diet + supplementation) as this level did spike. Regarding mineral ratios, the calcium-phosphorus relationship and the calcium-potassium relationship were improved. This means her diet and supplementation plan is allowing calcium to be better utilized throughout the body. This can show up as increased energy and improved thyroid health, which Rebecca agrees she has noticed (some days she isn’t even drinking any caffeine!).

Compare her results:

First Mineral Hair Analysis Test:

Mineral Hair Analysis Retest:

Like most of us, Rebecca took an increased amount of immune boosting supplements through the early months of 2020, including Zinc. This threw off the zinc-copper ratio. To get her back on track, a copper supplement is recommended for at least the remainder of the year. When this ratio is not in proper balance it can lead to unwanted side effects. For example, decreased collagen synthesis, bleeding gums, or premature greying of the hair. It also can play a large role in decreased mental health if not corrected, which is extremely important to Rebecca.

Over the last 8 months, Rebecca has noticed that she feels more energized and less stressed. She can tell the difference of when she is and is not taking her minerals on a regular basis. She is thankful that she no longer has mineral deficiencies. Rebecca is well on her way to improved mineral utilization and balancing mineral ratios. Her intentions going forward are to modify her supplement program as recommended by the retest. For her, this means continuing Daily Multiple and Iodine supplementation, decreasing Potassium to 3-5x weekly, and adding Copper to the supplement plan. She will also partake in another ActivFulvic 21-day Detox. Going forward Rebecca plans to detox twice a year to eliminate heavy metals in her system.

Regarding mental and physical health, the Mineral Hair Analysis Test had great recommendations. First, it stated the importance of continuing a regular workout regimen (which doesn’t seem to be a problem!). Second, it encourages Rebecca to actively recognize physical or emotional stressors to effectively combat their effects on her body. Rebecca will continue to exercise and use her tools to combat stress to ensure her overall health is well-balanced.

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